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If the site title didn’t give it away, I’m Matt Hall – San Jose/Bay Area based copywriter and content strategist for hire. Whether you’re a business or agency, I’d like to chat about how I can bring my years of experience (and vast knowledge of pop culture) to your aid.

I’m not just obsessive about pop culture and the latest in movie news: I’m also way too geeky about the latest in content marketing trends and how to use great copywriting to grow businesses.

(Seriously! I’ll geek out over ad copy or a new content marketing technique, and my poor wife patiently endures way-too-long of an explanation several times each week!)

Plus, I’m not a big fan of flash-in-the-pan techniques that won’t work in a year. Relying on short-term solutions for marketing problems almost always leads to a crash.

(And if Donald Sterling’s career taught us anything, a crash can happen at any time without warning!)

What I’ll Do For Your Business

When you work with me, I’ll combine my years of content marketing and copywriting experience to craft a smart, unique strategy for your business. Then I’ll apply my writing chops to it and create awesome content that both attracts traffic AND shares real value with your readers.

(That’s more than Buzzfeed’s “Which Blossom Character Are You?” quizzes can say.)

This means I’ll turn your prospects and contacts into loyal audience members who, over time, buy from your company again and again.

Plus, from casual/friendly to boardroom appropriate, I can write in a variety of styles to match your specific business needs.

What I’m Saying Is…

I’m a copywriter and content strategist who will get excited and passionate about your business.

And I’m ready to begin when you are.

Simply fill out the form below or call 562-726-2287 to begin.


Before I begin working on any project, I like to have a conversation so I deliver the best copy or content possible. What’s the best way to contact you so we can get started?

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