Our Engagement Models

Learn How Adraba Can Help Your Team

Adraba offers three types of engagement models to support your team. These services help enhance your team’s productivity while expanding what you can do with your budget.

Extended Team

Expand your technical staff through outstanding human talent.

Managed Team

Simply tell us your project requirements, and we’ll do the rest to meet your business goals.

Managed Project

We’ll execute your entire project according to your requirements and final specifications.

Extended Team

We’ll source and hire a team of software developers, QA engineers, project managers, and support engineers. Then we’ll provide this team everything they need to work for you, such as a workspace. This allows them to perform their tasks while becoming an integral part of your organization, like a virtual extension of your in-house team.

With our extended team engagement model, you can expect your work to be delivered on-time and in full alignment of your strategic business objectives.

Great For:

  • Established companies seeking to keep up with changing market demands and expectations by expanding technical staff
  • Growing companies needing outstanding human talent while looking to reduce cost and associated risks of acquiring talent
  • Start-ups, software vendors, software partners and product developers needing a little bit of help
  • Companies looking to increase revenue through cutting overall  IT costs while gaining flexible development resources


Sample Projects for Extended Teams:

Managed Team

When your company needs to focus on highly specialized types of work (such as graphic design, technical writing, analysis, testing, or something else), our managed team provides you the resources to stay focused on your business strategy.

With the help of a local manager acting as liaison between your remote team and your organization, we’ll make sure work is aligned with your business plan, objectives, and target delivery dates. Simply let us know your goals and what you need done, and we’ll manage the rest.

Great For:

  • Companies who may specialize in other types of work outside of software development
  • Companies needing to expand into types of work outside their areas of expertise, such as AR or VR, but who don’t want to spend time managing hiring, firing, and related administrative tasks
  • Organizations looking to expand into new opportunities while needing to maintain existing products or solutions
  • Businesses needing rapid deployment of new IT projects but who lack the internal resources

Sample Projects for Managed Teams:

Managed Project

Assigning the right people and right technologies is essential for software development project success. But sometimes, wrong choices lead to expensive delays and budget overruns.

With Adraba’s Managed Project, we’ll own your project challenges and deliver your completed project according to your defined specifications. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll oversee your project from inception to delivery.

Great For:

  • Managers needing to execute complex projects, but who do not have the in-house expertise or available resources
  • Companies who need a dedicated team working on their projects in a cost-effective way
  • Businesses looking to reduce costs for initial system setup in terms of infrastructure, hardware, manpower, and software resources

Sample Projects for Managed Projects:

  • Consumer applications
  • Messaging Platforms
  • Mobile First (app development)
  • Software AI and Automation (Bots)
  • Enterprise software
  • AR / VR
  • AI and automation
  • Connected Devices

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