How We Work

Explore Adraba’s Customer-Oriented Methodology

What makes Adraba different from other IT consultant service providers? For starters, we’re not “outsourcing” – we’re an extension of your team. We provide our IT consultants with a fulfilling work environment that helps them produce their best work for your project. We do this in three ways:

  1. Providing comfortable offices and workspaces that encourage creative work (not just hiring someone in a remote basement).
  2. Nurturing an organizational culture like an innovative startup that encourages brainstorming, team collaboration, open communication, and lasting positive relationships with coworkers.
  3. Involving our CEO directly. Adraba’s CEO, Joseph Roash, isn’t just a stakeholder disengaged from the work of our developers. Joseph brings with him nearly two decades of IT experience and passion. He’s fully committed to the quality of our service, and he leads teams in-person at our offices. This level of personal involvement affects how our team members view Adraba (and it’s why many of our team members have been with us for years).

Because the people working on your project are actually working together, not a loosely collected list of names on an email string, they function as a true extension of your team. They’re fully dedicated to your project and can deliver the best work.


Our Customer-Oriented Methodology

Here’s how we work with our clients (like you).


First, we learn about your needs. We’ll discover your project goals, business goals, and final specifications. We’ll also collaborate to determine what type of engagement model would work best for your project.

Team Building

Next, once those critical items are established, we’ll source your team members to find the perfect fit, building your teams according to your needs.


Finally, we’ll put your hired teams to work on your project. When it’s done, we’ll deliver the project to you – on-time, on-budget, and according to your specifications. This is when you pay us.

That’s right – you don’t pay a dime to us until you’ve received a final deliverable that meets your final specifications. This dramatically reduces risk for your business.

How We Source IT Consultants

The biggest problem of using external teams is hiring the right consultants. First, and probably most significantly, it takes a long time (approx. 3-4 months) to find the right people.

And it’s not just about additional times spent, there’s an opportunity cost: this extended sourcing time wastes your precious time, energy and resources on finding people instead of developing your project.

Second, sourcing the right IT consultants in the United States and Israel cost twice the amount it would cost our team based in Ukraine.

Adraba solves this in two ways.

We start by creating a pool of 50,000 affordable yet talented IT Consultants. To ensure they’re able to handle your projects, we pre-filter qualified consultants through our own tech tests and interviews.

We also save you time by managing the entire administrative framework of recruitment, employee retention, and other related tasks.

By sourcing and managing affordable IT consultants for you, Adraba delivers significant cost savings – all while ensuring you get the completed project you need.

Begin Your Project

All projects start with a chat. We’d love to learn about your project, including your goals and how we can help your team accomplish more while spending less.

Select the type of project you’d like to work on:

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