Case Study: Deploying a New Android App with Adraba

As You Stay enables travelers to use hotels on their own terms. While the company launched on iOS, it realized it needed to offer an Android app. However, due to maintaining existing applications and infrastructure, the company didn’t’ have the resources to execute this project in-house. Turning to Adraba, As You Stay was able to quickly launch a new way to reach potential customers.

About As You Stay

Founded in 2015, As You Stay is a mobile hotel app which allows users to check-in and checkout at anytime.

With the new As You Stay app, the company has unleashed the true power of hotels, releasing them from their age-old constraints and allowing you book rooms conveniently around your own schedule and needs, not theirs.

Two clicks. That’s all it takes to locate a nearby hotel using your mobile device and book a perfect room to rest, recharge, and relax for as long—or as little—as you want. Tapping into the hand-picked hospitality partner network, you can specify the exact check-in and check-out times you desire without the requirement of an overnight stay. Just stop by the front desk, pick up your key, and it’s smooth sailing from there.

Competent, Flexible Developers on the Case

As You Stay needed an Android app to stay competitive. While it could have pursued producing the app in-house, that would have diverted critical resources away from maintaining current customer offerings. This left the company with the choice of either postponing the Android app (potentially losing an important opportunity), hiring a new team of developers (who would take significant time to source), or find some other way.

Contacting Adraba, As You Stay was able to use the Managed Team engagement to quickly build a team of talented IT consultants for their project.

“Adraba has been managing the development of our new Android mobile app according to our requirements,” said Chen Atlas, As You Stay CTO. “They allow us to focus on the market and competition and we are happy to leave the development to a competent, flexible team.”

In a short period, Adraba’s Managed Team delivered the right Android app for As You Stay. Not only did it ship on-budget, it also shipped according to the exact specifications the company needed.

We are very impressed with the level of project optimization and productivity. It has enabled us to launch the new part of our business alongside maintaining our existing applications and infrastructure.

Chen Atlas
CTO, As You Stay

Expanding Quickly Without Sacrificing Existing Projects

Thanks to Adraba, As You Stay now has the Android app customers want. The company is now able to continue growing its business without diverting resources away from critical functions.

Plus, As You Stay was able to develop their app at a significantly lower cost than any of the other options.

The technology team brings us lots of value, enabling us to ramp up quickly. It’s truly a great cost/benefit for our organization!

Chen Atlas
CTO, As You Stay

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