Case Study: Leverate Expands Offerings and Increases Market Share with Adraba

FinTech solutions provider Leverate wanted to expand their offers into the Binary Options market. They considered sourcing freelancers on their own, but ultimately didn’t want the trouble of sourcing, hiring, and managing an entire design and development team. Ultimately, Leverate reached out to Adraba to see how much time, trouble, and money Adraba could save. This decision helped Leverate create their platform on-time and according their customer’s needs.

About Leverate

Leverate provides cutting-edge technological solutions for FX & CFD brokerages.Our best-in-the-industry solutions give financial brokers a professional and competitive advantage. Leverate’s products cover every need of the online broker from lightening fast live data feeds to robust risk management systems to keep your business profitable and a head above the competition.

Leverate’s BX8 is a white-label Binary Options platform for brokers that enables seamless social trading features. Supporting Bitcoin, BX8 also includes other virtual currency trading, powerful conversion and retention features.

Expanding Design and Development Capabilities

In 2014, Leverate saw an opportunity in the Binary Options market for their customers. By offering a Binary Options trading platform to their clients, who could provide it to their own culture as a white-label solution, Leverate could position itself as a market leader.

However, Leverate realized it lacked the resources to develop this new trading solution in-house. They had two options: source an entire team of developers and designers themselves, then divert company resources to manage the project. Or they could partner with an experienced team who would manage those responsibilities on Leverate’s behalf.

“We wanted to maintain full control of the operations, but because we were focused on other core products,” says Doron Somech, Leverate CTO. “We didn’t want the hassle involved in hiring an entire team of developers and designers.”

Leverate turned to Adraba to help find the right IT and design consultants for the job.

The team provided by Adraba proved to be incredibly diligent, delivering all the specs according to our requirements and on time and at every step of the way they were committed to being aligned with our goals and strategy.

Doron Somech
CTO, Leverate, FinTech

Delivering the Right Platform for Leverate Customers

What Leverate envisioned was a platform that would grow their brand presence and expand their FinTech market share. And thanks to Adraba’s efforts in building their extended team, that’s exactly what Leverate received.

Leverate’s engagement with Adraba allowed them to expand their company resources as needed. Even better, the team Adraba built for Leverate saved Leverate thousands of dollars and weeks of time without losing any quality.

We are glad in the end we decided to hire a Managed Team through Adraba because it proved to be the most cost-effective option for our company.

Gai Tamir

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