Case Study: Leverate Partners with Adraba and Develops the Android App Customers Need

Premium Forex brokerage solutions provider Leverate needed to expand its offerings to Android users, a sizeable group. However, due to a lean operating style, it didn’t have the time or resources to develop an app with its current team. To prevent losing momentum or market share, Leverate needed to source a team of talented Android developers without delay. The company reached out to Adraba, and in short time, they had an Android app delivered on-time and entirely within their requirements.

About Leverate

Leverate provides cutting-edge technological solutions for FX & CFD brokerages.Our best-in-the-industry solutions give financial brokers a professional and competitive advantage. Leverate’s products cover every need of the online broker from lightening fast live data feeds to robust risk management systems to keep your business profitable and a head above the competition.

Leverate’s BX8 is a white-label Binary Options platform for brokers that enables seamless social trading features. Supporting Bitcoin, BX8 also includes other virtual currency trading, powerful conversion and retention features.

Overcoming Gaps through Adraba Engagement

Founded in 2008, Leverate had successfully grown its business providing premium Forex brokerage solutions to the point where they had over 100 employees. Because the team was so focused on customer success, their in-house development resources were limited.

This became a challenge when more and more of their customers requested a dedicated app for Android to allow them to use Leverate’s services. Recognizing the need to deliver a secure, user-friendly, and technically sound solution to users, Leverate considered sourcing a development team themselves. Not only would this require top managed shift their attention away from customer success in a very competitive industry, it would also require extensive interviewing, training, and hands-on management.

Realizing the massive challenge of developing an Android app in-house, the Leverate leadership reached out to Adraba – and in so doing, saved thousands of dollars they could reinvest in their business.

“We toyed with the idea of developing the app in-house,” says Leverate’s Gai Tamir. “We are glad in the end we decided to hire a Managed Team through Adraba because it proved to be the most cost-effective option for our company.”

Adraba proved to be a tremendous asset when we hired them to help us develop our mobile trading platform for Android.

Gai Tamir

Reaching New Markets on a Budget

Almost immediately, Leverate’s management realized choosing Adraba’s Managed Team engagement was a smart choice. “The level of professionalism and expertise they exhibited blew us away,” says Tamir. “They delivered every phase of the development on time and according to our specifications and the team was entirely in line with our needs and requirements.”
Within their desired time frame, Leverate was able to expand its customer reach and offer its customers a new, effective Forex trading platform. Even better, Leverate was able to achieve this in a much more cost-effective way than developing it in-house or sourcing a development team themselves.

We are glad in the end we decided to hire a Managed Team through Adraba because it proved to be the most cost-effective option for our company.

Gai Tamir

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