Messaging Platforms

Set Up Integrations or Develop Your Own



Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Hipchat, Facebook for Work, and many other messaging solutions can bring productivity gains to your business. But developing custom integrations – such as notifications for your sales team – can present a challenge. Custom API development, for example, or integrating messaging into other applications requires significant developer resources.

In some cases, developing a proprietary messaging platform to connect with customers or between teams is the right business move.

No matter what type of messaging solution you need developed, the Adraba team can help source the right development team. We’ll recruit, screen, and manage the right IT consultants for your project.

Our Methodology

Here’s how we work with our clients (like you).


First, we learn about your needs. We’ll discover your project goals, business goals, and final specifications. We’ll also collaborate to determine what type of engagement model would work best for your project.

Team Building

Next, once those critical items are established, we’ll source your team members to find the perfect fit, building your teams according to your needs.


Finally, we’ll put your hired teams to work on your project. When it’s done, we’ll deliver the project to you – on-time, on-budget, and according to your specifications. This is when you pay us.

That’s right – you don’t pay a dime to us until you’ve received a final deliverable that meets your final specifications. This dramatically reduces risk for your business.

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Learn how Specialization company NAME maintained customer support through Adraba while developing a new feature in-house. View Case Study.

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