Classroom Launch Pack

The Ardusat Classroom Launch Pack provides all of the tools you’ll need to get your students designing and running their own experiments. Students can collect data, analyze the data, and publish their experiment to the Ardusat world-wide community. The Launch Pack Comes with a software subscription to the Experiment Platform, a DemoSat, and Launch Pack Hardware.



Classroom Launch Pack

Everything your classroom needs to get started!

Our Classroom Launch Pack provides teachers with resources that enable their students to conduct hands-on experiments using satellite sensors, providing them with a one-of-a-kind classroom experience. The materials help students learn the fundamentals of remote sensing. The Space Kit is the first step in teaching students how they will operate experiments on Spire CubeSats. Teachers will be supported by the Ardusat Support Team to ensure successful implementation in their classroom.

Includes 1-year subscription to eHub for your entire class!



Ardusat Educators Products
Ardusat Educators Products

Ardusat Individual Starter Kit

Need an extra kit or two?

The Ardusat Sensor Kit is a great way to get started with basic Arduino programming and learn about the sensors sent into orbit on Spire CubeSats.

Ardusat provides beginner-level experiments and ideas, but really the possibilities are endless on what you want to measure and data you want to collect on earth. This kit is ideal for hobbyists ages 12+.

Includes individual 1-year subscription to eHub!



Ardusat Demosat

The Ardusat DemoSat is ideal for any classroom setting and will add that extra engaging component. The DemoSat is designed to the CubeSat One Unit (1U) standard. The 3D printed frame comes fully assembled with standoffs and see-through acrylic platforms.

Includes all of the components included in the Ardusat Space Kit and 1-year individual subscription to eHub!



Ardusat Educators Products
Ardusat Educators Products

1-Year eHub Subscription

Already have your own experiment hardware? Access our lessons and experiments on eHub.

Our eHub platform helps students create live data streams, analyze their data using data science tools, store their data, publish their data, and subscribe to other published experiments throughout the world in student portfolios and more. This is the tool to give students an experience that is truly out of this world.



Ardusat Educators Products

Expansion Collection

Do more with your Ardusat kits through our expansion collection.

Unleash your experiments with our Sensor Kit Expansion Collection. A rechargeable battery lets you power your experiment without plugging into a computer, while a robust wireless connection using XBee radio technology streams your data back to the computer. You can also utilize the Logging expansion pack to log data to an SD card for later analysis.



Learning Resources

We have classrooms all over the world that are using Ardusat to enhance their STEM programs. As a part of your Classroom Launch Pack purchase, you’ll receive access to professional development webinars where best practices, resources, and experiments are shared


Want to share your ideas and experiments with others? Join our Ardusat Community! Introduce yourself and collaborate with others to come up with new and exciting ways to bring your school’s space program to the next level.


We recognize that teachers only have a limited amount of time to incorporate new programs in their classroom. Our account management services will provide as much support as you want to ensure successful implementation of the Ardusat program.

This is how STEM comes to life

Once you get your Sensor Kits, there are all kinds of ways to start exploring.