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Want to help your kid excel in life? Critical skills like coding, engineering, and others are more important than ever. Because Learning’s lessons and sensor kit are the perfect way to develop these skills.

  • Explore learning resources tailored by experience level and subject
  • Built around local and national education standards, helping your child excel in school
  • Clear, simple instructions anyone can follow – no coding, engineering, or computer hardware background needed.
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Because of “I Built This!” Moments

Get Excited to Learn

When your child starts to see how science, engineering, technology, and math work in the real world, you’ll see their face light up.

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Because Learning Home – Parents

Improve Classroom Performance

Our Learning Experts design each experiment around national learning standards. While your child experiments, they’re making connections that will help them in class!

Get a Lifelong Head Start

The skills learned during our experiments will stick with your child through high school, college, and beyond, giving them a lifelong advantage!

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“I love the easy-to-use, interactive labs! Our high-altitude balloon experiment showed my class how to investigate changes in temperature vs. altitude from 90,000 feet over Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’ve never seen my students so engaged!”

Because Learning Home – Parents

Because We’re Parents, Too

Our Learning Experts create each lesson to meet NGSS and other educational standards, helping your child connect after school fun with what they learn in class!

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Director of Learning

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Learning Content Manager

Check out some of our lessons:

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Greenhouse effect

Plant monitoring station
Will it conduct?
Magnets, how do they work?
Crash test
Drum kit

…With many more coming soon!

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