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Say goodbye to minimums and hello to the future of real estate investing

Slice makes it easy and affordable to invest small amounts into real estate assets. Small and international investors get access to wealth-building opportunities. Real estate owners and operators get a large pool of untapped capital. Everyone wins.

  • No credit checks* – fast approval based on blockchain assets, even for international investors, with minimums of just $100
  • Choose specific investments, just like buying a home
  • High liquidity means you can cash out assets whenever you want, deposited right to your bank account

Slice brings the future of investing to small investors and real estate operators. New federal regulations mean potential investors get evaluated based on blockchain assets – not credit scores. This new approach helps Slice match investors with the right match in our lender network.

Since collateral assets are kept safe in a secure, encrypted architecture, both investors and lenders are fully protected. It’s truly the future of real estate investing.


Flexible investing through cryptocurrency

Previously, there was no easy, seamless way for global users to easily access stable real-estate assets in the United States. Real estate platforms restrict investments to accredited investors only. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) funds have high fees and require access to stock-trading accounts. Small investors looking to build wealth simply weren’t able to build wealth without buying expensive real estate directly.

Slice’s use of Blockchain technology changes all this. Through secure cryptocurrency, investors of all sizes can purchase shares in specific US-based real estate properties, a historically strong investment. Minimum investments are now just $100 – no more five-figure minimums just to participate. Plus, the flexible nature of cryptocurrency means investors can liquidate their assets at any time. This brings the benefits of real estate investing to small investors while providing a critical pool of capital to quality real estate operators.

Slice is currently the only cryptocurrency real estate fractional ownership platform, and the only commercial real estate (CRE) fractional ownership in prime US locations such as Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, and San Francisco.

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