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New monthly report cuts to the chase and gives small business owners exactly what they need to do next month to have a thriving, growing digital marketing strategy!

TL;DR – Internet slang for “Too Long, Didn’t Read.” Placed before summaries of long texts to help readers understand the important details without needing to read the entire thing.

Digital marketing moves fast. If your business doesn’t keep up, you might be stuck using ineffective techniques for weeks – or even months – before you catch up.

Or worse…

If you’ve been managing a business for a few years, you know how important it is to stay on top of current trends. Remember 2011? It was a big year for online businesses. Digital marketing agencies (who pretended to know all there was about digital marketing) practiced techniques they said would skyrocket your site to the top of Google.

One day,  without warning, Google changed its algorithm.

Businesses that had spend thousands of dollars to get top search engine rankings suddenly found themselves effectively banned from Google forever… unless they paid thousands of dollars to “undo” all the work they had done!

If these businesses had been informed of the changes that were coming in the digital marketing world, they could have saved thousands or even millions in lost revenue!

With digital marketing, it’s essential to stay current with what’s going on in the industry NOW since being even a few months behind can absolutely devastate your business.

Techniques that Worked Three
Months Ago Don’t Work Anymore

If you don’t keep up with current digital marketing trends, your business will be left in the dust.

But if you’re like most small business owners, you have a pretty big problem. That problem is time and trying to keep up with everything your business requires: managing employees, customer service, marketing, fulfilment, etc. etc. etc….

How are you supposed to have the time to stay on top of digital marketing trends if you don’t have enough hours in the day to run your business and have a balanced life?

How to Stay Up-to-Date with Current Digital
Marketing Best Practices…
In Just a Few Minutes Per Month!

I’m pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new report designed to help small business owners (like yourself) stay current with what’s happening in digital marketing without needing to

With the TL;DR Digital Marketing Report, you’ll get the latest digital marketing information you need to thrive. Each issue contains:

  • Key updates to Facebook, Google, Bing, and other Marketing Channels that could sink your business… if you weren’t ready for them, that is!
  • Evergreen ideas for digital marketing strategies that have been proven to work time and time again.
  • Suggestions for monthly promotions.
  • A roadmap of the kinds of content you need to produce to attract new clients.
  • Email templates to build strong relationships with your audience.

And more. With your subscription, you’ll join other small business owners who are serious about building an audience that is ravenously loyal, beating the competition, and meeting revenue goals!

Through my digital strategies, my clients have made millions of dollars… even in “dying” markets!

Now I’m sharing the industry insights that have made my clients wealthy in my monthly reports.

But there’s a pretty big catch. (A few, actually.)

For one, my TL;DR Marketing Report is expensive.

For another, it’s definitely not for just any small business owner. In fact, I try to keep the subscriber count deliberately small.

You see, the TL;DR Marketing Report is an offline (printed) document you’ll receive in the mail each month. I deliberately choose this format. It’s been proven that when you read on paper, your brain absorbs information differently… Information sinks a little deeper… Your brain starts to work overtime and give you inspiring ideas about your business… And you’ll often get insights to powerful business questions you’ve struggled with even while you’re reading something completely different… All because of the format you’re reading on!

This makes the information in my report even more valuable. Each issue is stuffed full of actionable news… suggestions… techniques… case studies… and strategies carefully crafted to…

Improve your Digital Marketing Performance
The Same Day You Apply Them!

That’s the goal of my report: to help you devour each issue, find powerful insights into the smartest digital marketing strategies, put them into practice, and then make your monthly subscription price back many, many times over!

I spend hundreds of hours per month keeping up with the latest in digital marketing trends and then putting those updates into practice. This means I have a deep understanding of the industry and “what’s next” for your business’s digital marketing.

Plus, when you subscribe to the TL;DR Digital Marketing Report, you’ll get my exclusive case study, “How I Grew a Basement Business 1000% In Less Than a Year.” It’s a brief but in-depth document that will show you the exact system I used to grow a struggling business owner selling homemade goods from his basement to a thriving, million-dollar business in less than a year.

(If you’re serious about growth, this is one case study you don’t want to miss!)

This case study teaches the exact methods I use with my clients to help generate millions of dollars in revenue from new customers – even in industries “experts” said were on the way out!

Some of the valuable information you’ll find in this report include:

  1. How often small businesses should send emails to their customers
  2. The best kinds of emails to make the most sales
  3. A “secret” source of employees that will work hard for you, be affordable, and make you look like a saint!
  4. Which social media channels are worth your advertising dollars, and which you should avoid (unless you want to throw your money away!)
  5. The small but important change I see 98% of small businesses needing to make that is so effective, I do not know of a single case where it did not result in consistent exponential sales growth. (I can’t guarantee this will work for your business, but I know one client who did this and it earned him an extra $75,000 net per month almost immediately. It also happens to be absurdly simple to implement. Read the tip to see for yourself.)

I can’t promise you any specific results.

But I can say I’ve seen incredible success come to every business that’s implemented the information in this case study.

Other than being one of my clients…

There’s No Way Growing your digital Marketing Could be Simpler!

That’s all the stuff you get in the special strategic case study.

I haven’t even touched on the other benefits of receiving the TL;DR Marketing Report.

When you subscribe now, you’ll get:

  • Special email alerts anytime there’s a major update that might affect your digital marketing strategy. (How great is this? It’s like a personal alert system to make sure updates that could harm your business don’t slip by.)
  • The privilege to contact me with any question you might have for your business (that I’m qualified to answer, that is). If you’re a subscriber, I’ll do my best to answer your email questions gratis – within reason. (Sorry, as much as I’d like to be your bud… I simply don’t have time because I’m so busy helping my clients and subscribers.)
  • Special discounts on other products or services I offer, such as my existing copywriting/digital content strategy work and all future products/services.
  • Surprise extras – I’ll often throw in bonus teachings, articles, resources, interviews, case studies, and other valuable information (such as how to hire a great PPC guy, running automatic Analytics reports, etc.)

That’s what’s included when you become a TL;DR Digital Marketing Report subscriber.

Here’s how to subscribe:

The TL;DR Digital Marketing Report is $47 per month – period. That includes free shipping and handling to anywhere in the world.

While there are no refunds on issues I’ve already sent to you, you can cancel at any time and for any reason.

The thing is, a lot of small business owners simply aren’t ready to put into practice the kinds of information I’ll include in my newsletter. If you’re the kind of business owner or entrepreneur who is constantly “training” but never implementing what you learn, this isn’t the right information for you. And if you think you’re going to find a secret that will give your business an unethical advantage overnight, sorry.

This isn’t that kind of report.

(I’m an Eagle Scout, after all. Shortcuts always backfire.)

Whether you subscribe or not, digital marketing will keep evolving. It’s up to you whether you want to:

  1. Let it outgrow you (and your business),
  2. Spend hundreds of hours of your own time obsessing over every large-and-small blog post in the industry (like I do), or
  3. Stay up to date in just a few minutes per month by subscribing to the TL;DR Digital Marketing Report.

This report is for serious business owners who are looking to creating a lasting, powerful, consistently-growing business through cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

Billions of dollars are transacted online every day.

The people who know how to gather the attention of those dollars are becoming wealthy – much more quickly than anyone ever thought was possible.

Now it’s your turn to know what digital marketing experts & thought leaders know.

Click “Add to Cart” below to join the informed. You’ll receive your first issue the next scheduled mailing of the report.

Click the button now to begin.

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PS: Why not order right now, while this is in front of you? This expense is tax-deductible, and you can cancel at any time. Plus, I try to jam-pack each issue with great information, so there’s bound to be something in every report that will make it well worth the subscription.

PPS: I’ve had some people ask me, “If I’m so busy, when will I have time to read your monthly report?” Well, not to diminish the quality of information you’ll find in each issue, but have you ever heard the phrase “bathroom reading”? Each report takes hundreds of hours to research and write, but it’s written in a way that only takes a few “spare minutes” to read. 😉 I guarantee your “idle time” will be much more productive with the information you’ll get in each month’s report.

Beat your competition and grow your business through smart digital marketing.

With over a decade of experience writing for the web, Matt Hall has provided strategic web content for Intel, Novell, the Huffington Post, Sundial Fitness Club, Blue Earth Nutrition, Santa Clara University School of Law, and dozens of others. He's authored millions of words of content and delivered high ROI-generating strategies that helped his clients grow by 1134% or more in just a few months.


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“Matt helped a fledgling website owner/start up blogger get out on the web with an efficient website. His video walkthrough is such a great help! I can always refer to it when I need ideas to update or change my website.”
-Scott Munns, Sundial Fitness Club


“Since implementing his copy I have definitely seen an improvement in conversions. I can’t quantify the numbers but I have steadily doubled in growth each month and this content is definitely responsible for converting more of the customers that land on my site. Matt’s review has also helped me to establish my 'voice' as a brand. Listening to someone else’s perspective of what your business does has been really insightful and helped me to move forward, past the validation phase of my business.”
-Steve, The Whiskey Order


“Matt was able to pick out aspects of my website to improve upon which I never would have noticed. The fact he made his recommendations on video so I was able to see the changes really helped.”
-Matthew, Lawn Poolice


“Being able to work with someone that is trying to find out about us, and who is not trying to tell me what we are. Matt is extremely personable and easy to work with. That does not mean that Matt is a pushover! Matt takes pride in his work and will tell you what he thinks is the best for your business. I still work with Matt on a regular basis, and will continue to do so. If you have the opportunity to work with Matt Hall, take it.
-Dave Furse, Cranky Provo