Your Website’s Messaging is the Most Important Part of Your Marketing…

…But most websites screw this up!

Don’t let your business’s unique benefits and positioning get lost with sloppy copy. My Website Copy Reviews will  improve your copy in just minutes.

I can point out how your copy & messaging isn’t doing its job and losing your customers.

Then we’ll re-write your website together.

Within 48 hours of your order, I’ll go through your website and make a screen capture showing some of the suggestions I’d implement. Then we’ll schedule a time to chat via hangouts or Skype to answer any questions you have about your site’s copy.

Here’s what I deliver:

  • A screencast of me going through your site and making changes

  • A screenshot of your revised website copy for easy reference

  • A document explaining other suggestions I would make that could improve your brand’s messaging

After all that’s done, you’ll have a video and copy review with some actionable suggestions for boosting your page conversions.

Things I can help you with:

  • You’re trying to make your product stand out from the competition
  • You want someone to let you know a landing page is good or not
  • You’re trying to reach your target market
  • You want to know if your webpage actually speaks to your audience
  • You need advice on a specific landing page.
  • You need help translating analytics data into more sales.
  • You need some outside-eyes to give everything a fresh look.
  • You’re eager to sell a product but need help writing persuasive copy.
  • You want to use email marketing or marketing automation and don’t know what to write.

Things I cannot help you with:

  • Selling to a market of people who aren’t your target audience.
  • Selling products that aren’t useful.
  • Selling bad or harmful products.

My overall philosophy is….

Text, graphics, video, and even cool web design stuff like parallax are all designed to do one single thing:

Tell your story to your ideal customers!

My job is to help you tell your story – what makes you unique, better than your competition, a great value, etc. – in the most effective, persuasive way possible. This can result in you getting more sales.

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Benefits of a Copy Review

  • Improved understanding of your audience

  • Website improvements without spending a lot of time or money

  • Increased conversions


Are My Website Copy Reviews Any Good?

Good question! Here’s what some small business owners have said about my website copy reviews:

“Matthew was able to pick out aspects of my website to improve upon which I never would have noticed. The fact he made his recommendations on video so I was able to see the changes really helped.”

-M, Lawn Poolice

“Being able to work with someone that is trying to find out about us, and who is not trying to tell me what we are. Matt is extremely personable and easy to work with.  That does not mean that Matt is a pushover!  Matt takes pride in his work and will tell you what he thinks is the best for your business. I still work with Matt on a regular basis, and will continue to do so. If you have the opportunity to work with Matt Hall, take it.”

-D, Cranky Provo

“You helped a fledgling website owner/start up blogger get out on the web with an efficient website. Your video walkthrough is such a great help! I can always refer to it when I need ideas to update or change my website.”

-S, Sundial Fitness Club

“I co-own a restaurant that has a very particular demographic that I needed to reach through our marketing; but I had no idea where to start. In my first meeting with Matt he sat me down and asked me ‘What do you want and how do you think you want to get there?’ I thought, ‘Wow! Finally here’s someone that – instead of just shoving their thoughts down my throat – wants to know what I want, and where I want to take my business!'”

-L, Schoolteacher

 Your video website copy review is waiting! Get started now and have a review of your website within 48 hours!

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